ALIGN’s division promises saving on complexity, time and cost

ALIGN, the supplier of technical safety and total fire-fighting solutions for the global oil and gas industry, has launched a new operating division that will more completely integrate its market leading brands and better serve its customers.

Written by Mark Lewis

With a renewed focus on leveraging its unparalleled suite of products and expertise, the new FEED and modifications division will manage technical safety and modification projects from study to completion without the need for customers to seek out expensive middlemen.

The key point is that ALIGN will be able to reduce the complexity, time and cost for clients by using the toolboxes, project management skills, hands on expertise and products already within the group.

ALIGN’s four core market leading brands, Origo, FPE Sontum and Eureka, already have the hardware and expertise to create smart solutions in safety automation, fire-fighting and pump systems. Between them, they have framework agreements on 94% of the facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. By creating the new division ALIGN is bringing some of the best multi-disciplinary project engineers under a single umbrella to help solve the challenges facing operators in the oil and gas market.

Integrated solutions on GYDA

Origo’s implementation of a new ignition source control on the Gyda platform in the North Sea means the operator Talisman can be confident of the safety on the platform, while improving efficiency during shutdowns. The EPCI project included HW and SW modifications to the F&G and ESD systems, emergency generator control panel, water mist system and new gas detectors.

“They were able to update the control system during live operation of the platform, and they solved the problem of transferring the system to the platform,” says Sigurd Oftedal, Talisman project manager.

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The project is an excellent example of the kind of integrated solutions the new ALIGN division will be able to offer. The Norwegian Continental Shelf is still the most dynamic offshore energy environment in the world. But it faces cost challenges that are shrinking margins and making searching for hydrocarbons and developing new fields a riskier venture. Through making smart modifications on existing facilities, operators are expanding the lifespan of fields and increasing the returns of their original investments.

By bundling safety products and specialist skills on these brownfield projects, they are able to reduce project complexity, delivery time and cost for complete safety solutions.

Tap straight into our products and expertise

Since most of the expertise already exists within the ALIGN framework of brands, the clients could make substantial savings on their total technical safety solutions. Efficiencies are likely to be made through a combination of a series of different factors.

In house product and system competence will help optimise complete system design through an integrated project team with fewer interfaces, simplified solutions, a flexible and efficient execution model, and a reduction in weight and cost of the overall solution.

The clients will be able to benefit from these wins. End users will be able to tap straight into our products and expertise while the major MMO suppliers will be able to tender for work knowing they can pitch a total simplified technical safety solution with us a partner. Everybody wins.