New merger

We hereby would like to inform you about the merger and Sontum Fire & Safety AS and Fire Protection Engineering AS. Sontum Fire & Safety AS will be merged with parent company Fire Protection Engineering AS on the 01.03.2017.

Written by Megabite

After the merger the legal entity name for Sontum Fire & Safety AS and company Fire Protection Engineering AS will be FPE Sontum AS, a 100% owned subsidiary of Align AS.
“The purpose of the merger is to create a more efficient organization in one business unit. We are now creating a global company and strengthening the new Company as Norway’s largest supplier of engineered fire-fighting solutions, and products to the oil & gas, onshore and maritime industry. Both companies are well known for being among the best in the industry with regard to technology and corporate responsibility. ” said FPE Sontum AS CEO, Tor Hellestøl