FPE Sontum AS has the stated aim of reinforcing its market share by increasing sales activity and reducing delivery times, by improving our general skills level through specifically defined courses for our employees, and by maintaining our superior delivery accuracy. From this perspective, FPE Sontum considers it important for all employees to have a solid level of skill and insight into the applicable guidelines, work descriptions and procedures that apply at the company.

We are to raise our quality level by:
– Organising two internal Quality and HSE courses for all employees
– Following up on our suppliers through meetings and audits if a given situation makes such necessary.

Quality goals

FPE Sontum’s aim is to reduce quality costs in 2016 by 10% in relation to previous year. In this context, ‘quality costs’ is taken to mean the extra costs our company incurs on account of missing documentation in the form of drawings, procedures/work descriptions/routines, faults/failures that occur during the process, penalty fees for delayed delivery, etc.

The following measurable criteria are to be applied to check that FPE Sontum achieves its aim of reducing quality costs:
– Delivery accuracy
– Product quality

Environmental goals

Our aim is to be among the most environmentally friendly suppliers of products by remaining continuously up-to-date with new, eco-friendly products and by following the pre-defined training plans.

We are committed to reducing the negative impact of our activities on the external environment.

FPE Sontum’s quality philosophy is based on our core values. The objective is to improve our financial results through means such as managing our performance culture. The work in this context will focus on attitudes and identity, and is intended to unite the organisation around a set of shared values/norms. At the same time, the process is intended to help ‘close the gap’ between us and our customers, and to encourage closer working relationships both internally and with external operators/partners. Our core values describe our desired position in relation to:

Customers and suppliers

  • Compliance
  • Customer focus
  • Competence
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

Our owners

  • Quality
  • Profitability


One another

  • Openness, trust and respect


Focus on the customer

All wishes and requirements from customers, authorities and society must be accommodated in a way that underpins FPE Sontum’s value basis. FPE Sontum is to operate outreaching sales activity designed to lay the foundations for good communication with our customers. In connection with the conclusion of major deliveries, FPE Sontum will request feedback from the customer regarding improvement opportunities. We are then to build on this through experience transfer to new assignments.

Quality in all activities

The results of all activities and processes must be as specified/expected by the customer. This entails maintaining a high standard and applying systematic management of all intermediate sub-processes and activities.

Marit Hinna
QA / HSE Coordinator
E-mail: marit.hinna@fpe.no
Phone:  +47 47 88 47 76