Safety and well-being

FPE Sontum AS is committed to establishing workplaces where the emphasis is on health, safety, well-being and security. FPE Sontum’s attitude is that all accidents are avoidable. All work at FPE Sontum is to be performed in such a way as to prevent injuries.

FPE Sontum’s safety goal is to eliminate conditions that may cause injury, accidents, illness or death as a result of the work situation of the individual, and to remove potential causes of failure of/damage to materials, equipment and the environment.

We are to achieve this through active and managed follow-up on customers’, authorities’ and internal requirements regarding health, safety and the environment, through the registration of non-conformances, and through the adoption of corrective and preventative measures, health monitoring/examinations, an active protection system and ensuring that all employees receive the necessary instruction and information.


Mandatory safety regulations

  • We will always cease any job or activity we consider unsafe
  • We take responsibility for correcting hazardous actions or situations we identify
  • If we see it, we’re responsible for doing something about it
  • We always fill in the ‘Safety checklist’ before starting any job
  • We always follow procedures, routines and safe work practice
  • We respect all barriers, safety signs and announcements
  • We always use the right protective equipment for the job
  • We report all accidents and incidents

Marit Hinna
QA / HSE Coordinator
Phone:  +47 47 88 47 76