Nozzles and adaptors


This monitor nozzle has a built in device to ensure that it returns to fog position once the waterpressure is off.
This means that the nozzle will always start in the fog position. This monitor nozzle is intended for helicopter decks or other areas where personnel may be hit by the water stream from the monitor. By automatic start up in fog position, it means personnel will not get injured. Once the water pressure is on, the nozzle can be manually operated into any full jet or spray pattern. The monitor nozzle is made in bronze.

FPE Sontum supply a vast range of deluge nozzles including medium and high velocity covering all spray angles and K-factors. The nozzle comes with FM or UL listing, and is available in titanium, bronze, stainless steel or brass materials.

Nozzle adaptors are used in combination with deluge nozzles for object protection. The nozzle adaptor allows the nozzle to be easily adjusted into its optimal orientation, to provide the best possible coverage of the protected object. The adaptor allows the nozzle to be offset up to 28 degrees off center from the pipefitting in any direction. It can then be locked in position. The nozzle adaptor can be supplied in titanium, bronze or brass materials.

High capacity nozzles are suitable for use in areas where, because of the distribution of the piping network, it is impractical to use traditional deluge nozzles. These nozzles have a higher flow, and a larger coverage than deluge nozzles. The K- factor of the nozzles can be easily altered, and the spray angle can also be adjusted from straight stream to wide fog. The shown nozzle has a built in device which allows for easy adjustment of the direction of the spray. This can be offset up to 28 degrees from the center line in any direction.

Data sheets

Monitor Autofog Nozzle

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Deluge nozzles from VID – Medium velocity

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Nozzle adaptors

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High Capacity Deluge nozzles

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