FPE Sontum AS provides theoretical and practical training in fire-prevention work, first aid, defibrillators and hot work. While we primarily run in-house courses, we can –in addition to our standard courses – prepare bespoke programmes in areas such as contingency planning, functioning in smoke-filled environments, etc.

FPE Sontum AS runs the following courses:

It is possible to prevent and limit fire.
Guide to the Norwegian Fire Prevention Regulations – Section 3-3 Training and fire drills. In each individual fire unit, all employees and managers must have received fire protection training, and must hold regular fire drills suited to the level of risk in the unit.

In this context, ‘fire protection training’ is taken to mean a basic introduction to:

  • The physical and chemical properties of fire, and specific risks in the unit
  • Emergency exit routes, assembly points and passive and active fire prevention measures featured in the building
  • Benefit and expected effect of preventative technical and organisational fire prevention measures in the unit
  • Introduction to the responsibilities and obligations of the individual, including information about the responsibility, authority and obligations of the fire protection officer and the managers
  • Basic training in the use of extinguishers, evacuation of people and immediate measures to prevent the spread of smoke and fire
  • Fire instructions and contingency plans


Feedback on one of our courses:

“Thank you for holding such good courses, for involving us employees and for opening our eyes. We can all keep up, and you’re excellent at getting the message across!”

Raymond Stokken
SVP Operations & Support Services
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