Exercise – evacuation – OEV11301

Target group:
All companies and commercial businesses required by law to hold fire drills. No previous knowledge is necessary, but all employees must be familiar with in-house fire instructions and evacuation routines.

Course Length: min. 3 hours

Section 3-3 of the Norwegian regulations on fire prevention measures and supervision (‘Fire prevention regulations’) requires all employees and managers to have taken fire prevention training, and to perform regular fire drills commensurate with the level of risk. Generally speaking, this means that most companies must hold a fire drill at least once a year. The regulations stipulate how such drills are to be planned and executed, on the basis of the company’s plans for dealing with fire and evacuation. They also lay down requirements for documentation of drills that have been held.

FPE Sontum AS can assist with planning and carrying out drills at your company.

In some cases, the drill can be coordinated with the local fire brigade, with or without its active participation. The applicable fire instructions should be tested in the most realistic conditions possible – ideally in the form of a non-notified drill featuring smoke. The reactions of the employees and their capacity to apply measures are observed and noted, with the results used as the basis for an evaluation. A report is prepared subsequent to the drill.
Following the drill, it is hoped that the people involved will have become better equipped to deal with a situation in which evacuation is necessary. The intention behind an evacuation drill is to train how best to get all employees, visitors, residents, etc. out of the building, installation or facility quickly and efficiently, in such a way as to protect their own safety and that of others.

Emphasis is placed on the following:

  • Training
  • Evacuation plans
  • In-house organisation and routines
  • Notification (security company/fire brigade if appropriate)
  • Selection of emergency escape route / safe evacuation
  • Organisation of assembly points
  • Fire documentation – read and understood
  • Overview of own employees within a reasonable timeframe
  • After the drill has been completed, our representative will assess its outcome.
  • Did the fire instructions function as intended?

A summary will be prepared where all parties involved receive feedback with regard to correct conduct, effective evacuation, and handling of missing/injured people. We will subsequently prepare a written report including a summary, a list of non-compliances – if any – and comments. Is fire documentation available, and has everyone read and understood it?

Evacuation drills are tailored to the wishes and requirements of the individual company, based on the activities, the number of employees, the location, the employees’ level of knowledge, the number of people involved, any patients confined to their beds, the applicable fire instructions, emergency escape routes, etc.

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