Fire protection training, basic – BRA11301

What do you learn on a basic fire protection course?
FPE Sontum AS teaches basic fire protection skills. Courses can be held at the customer’s premises or in our own teaching facilities.
It is a good idea to combine fire protection training with our first aid and/or defibrillator course.
The fire protection course provides participants with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, giving them more confidence to take responsibility in the event of fire. It helps participants understand what has to be present for fire to burn, what type(s) of fire-fighting equipment they have at their disposal, and how to use the equipment available.


  • What is a fire?
  • The most common causes of fire
  • How fire develops
  • Preventative fire protection
  • Save – Notify – Extinguish
  • Behaviour in the event of fire
  • Emergency escape routes and evacuation
  • Extinguishing methods, extinguishing agents and areas of use
  • Regulations on fire prevention measures and supervision (FOBTOT)
  • Evacuation
  • Practical extinguishing

Course Length: 2 hours

FPE Sontum AS performs environmentally friendly fire protection training and practical extinguishing drills. We use extinguishing tubs with LPG (propane), and the fire suppression agents used are primarily CO2 devices and devices containing environmentally friendly foam. This causes no pollution in the areas where the practical extinguishing drills are held.

Raymond Stokken
SVP Operations & Support Services
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