Fire protection training, full-day course – BRA21301

What do you learn on the full-day course in fire protection?
The course provides participants with in-depth knowledge and practical experience, giving them more confidence to take responsibility in the event of fire and to assess measures. It helps improve their understanding of what is required for a fire to burn, and reinforces skills in planning and evaluating which extinguishing agents should be available in the building/company, where they should be located and how they are to be used.

Topics covered on the course:

  • What is a fire?
  • Attitude and motivation
  • The most common causes of fire
  • How fire develops
  • Preventative fire protection
  • Save – Notify – Extinguish
  • Behaviour in the event of fire
  • Emergency escape routes and evacuation
  • Extinguishing methods, extinguishing agents and areas of use
  • Regulations on fire prevention measures and supervision (FOBTOT)
  • Evacuation
  • Advanced fire training – problem areas directly linked with the company, associated with staffing (number of employees), operation, core areas, hot work, chemicals, gas, etc.
  • Extinguishers – selection of extinguishers, types, efficiency classes, volume, use and limitations, etc.
  • Equipment – nozzle pipes, hoses, clothing, foam equipment (foam liquids, foam disperser), protective equipment, etc.
  • Entry/evacuation – in smoke-filled rooms with or without a patient

Practical exercise (approx. 1.5 h)

FPE Sontum AS performs environmentally friendly fire protection training and practical extinguishing drills. We use extinguishing tubs with LPG (propane), and the fire suppression agents used are primarily CO2 devices and devices containing environmentally friendly foam. This causes no pollution in the areas where the practical extinguishing drills are performed.

Raymond Stokken
SVP Operations & Support Services
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