Hot work course – VAR11301

The course is intended to teach employees who perform hot work the skills and behaviour necessary to ensure they can carry out such assignments safely.

Target group:
Everyone who performs hot work: welding, shaping, grinding, cutting, roofing with an open flame, as well as any other work involving an open flame (crimping cable joins, for example).

The course covers the following topics:

  • What is hot work?
  • The certification regulatons (a bit of history)
  • Laws and regulations
  • Fire theory and extinguishing fires
  • Protective equipment and first aid
  • Use of gas
  • Risk assesssment
  • Preventative measures in cinnection with the work
  • Inspection and clearing up on conclusion of the work
  • Routines in the event of fire
  • Practical exercise in extinguishing fire, or approved video showing fire suppression in practice
  • Written exam

Number of participants: Max. 25 per course

Course Length: 7.5 hours

Raymond Stokken
SVP Operations & Support Services
Phone: +47 93 08 63 18