Field testing

In order to determine the status of your fire and safety equipment, we offer to arrange routine tests of installed deluge and fire fighting systems.

The purpose of a full flow deluge test, which is one of our specialities, is to assess quantity of water, distribution of water in different areas, verification of pressure and flow coverage from nozzles, as well as the condition of nozzle and piping arrangements, drainage conditions and foam percent.

Checking of area flow coverage to meet regulatory requirements will be part of such testing, as well as quality checks of the foam concentrate etc. Other typical tests we can conduct are dry testing with smoke, video inspections, and flushing.

Registering measured data over time makes it possible to track trends for the respective systems. These numbers will help reveal different maintenance and modification needs.

We can also contribute with design and supply of specialized equipment, to eliminate surge pressure problems in your firewater piping system, and perform surge analysis studies by use of Pipenet Transient software.

Raymond Stokken
SVP Operations & Support Services
Phone: +47 93 08 63 18