Engineering services

Early stage fire fighting equipment design evaluation
FPE Sontum has an installed base of several thousand fire protection systems around the world. This design base, together with use of 3D- modelling design software of our systems, allows us to explore various design lay-outs quickly based on customers demand for max skid envelope, special interface requirements, various foam injection solutions etc. This enables us to evaluate access requirements for various components inside the skids, HSE aspects, emergency release systems etc, for various skid arrangements, and thereby to suggest the most efficient, optimized solution.

Design and hydraulic calculation of deluge distribution systems
We can undertake responsibility for deluge design, including location of nozzles and design of distribution piping system, complete with isometric layout drawings.
We can carry out hydraulic calculations, by use of Pipenet Software, and optimize the system in terms of hydraulic balance, and can prepare Isometric drawings including complete material take-off lists.


Field services

Inspection, service and maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire hoses, pressure testing, inspection and testing of flat hoses, breathing systems, large powder and foam installations. In addition, we at FPE Sontum perform pressure testing, filling various types of gas, including Inergen, CO2 and Nitrogen, various types of powder and foam.

Commissioning service
We provide experienced engineers and technicians for commissioning, planning of commisioning, support, or supervision. We offer to be an integrated part of the commissioning team, either by assisting, or by doing the job from planning the procedures until the systems and equipment are completely tested, commissioned and handed over to system owner.

Field Testing
In order to determine the status of your fire and safety equipment, we offer to arrange routine tests of installed deluge and fire fighting systems. We can also contribute with design and supply of specialized equipment, to eliminate surge pressure problems in your firewater piping system, and perform surge analysis studies by use of Pipenet Transient software.



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FPE Sontum is a global suppliers of Active firefighting systems and equipment for the oil & gas industry. We deliver to all continents. More than 3000 deluge valves delivered. Delivered to more than 150 oil & gas assets.
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